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Multimin Se + Cu + Cr Cattle


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SKU: Multimin Se + Cu + Cr Cattle Categories: , Tag:

Use Multimin Se + Cu + Cr Cattle for the prevention and treatment of a deficiency in zinc, manganese, selenium, copper and/or chromium in cattle.


Each ml contains: Zinc 40 mg, Manganese 10 mg, Selenium 5 mg, Copper 15 mg, Chromium   5 mg


Inject cattle subcutaneously on the side of the neck.


Calves: 25 kg – 100 kg body mass: 1 ml / 50 kg

Weaner Calves: 101 kg – 225 kg body mass: 1 ml / 75 kg

Adult Cattle: 1 ml / 100 kg

Treat as follows:

Bulls: 3 times per year

Cows: 4 weeks prior to calving, 4 weeks prior to breeding/AI, 4 weeks prior to drying off

Heifers: Every 3 months until breeding

Calves: 4 weeks prior to weaning

Additional: If necessary, use an additional treatment during the rainy season.

For this reason, MULTIMIN + Se + Cu + Cr Cattle contains all five of these elements. Use only if recommended by a veterinarian.


Zinc and / or manganese and / or selenium and / or copper deficiencies cause impairment of fertility, however there are many other possible causes of reduced fertility and professional advice should be sought. Skin lesions such as loss of hair and thickening of the skin (parakeratosis) may occur with a zinc deficiency.

In young animals, skeletal abnormalities such as enlarged joints, stiffness, twisted legs, weak hocks and general weakness may be due to a manganese deficiency.

Other symptoms of a copper deficiency are inter alia, sway back in young animals, anemia and poor mineralisation of long bones. Nutritional muscular dystrophy (white muscle disease) particularly in young animals, which is also known as selenium responsive myopathy, is associated with low levels of selenium in animal tissues and glutathione peroxidase in the blood, but lack of enhancing substances like vitamin E, may be involved in precipitating the clinical disease.

In breeding animals early embryonic losses and the birth of weak offspring have inter alia been associated with a selenium deficiency. The incidence of retained placentas in cattle have been considerably reduced by selenium treatment. Retained placentas have also been significantly reduced by chromium supplementation.

For more information, please visit Virbac’s website.

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