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Eliminate is a transdermal pour-on used for controlling internal and external parasites in cattle and antelope.

Internal parasites in cattle:

  • Eliminate controls wireworm, brown stomachworm, cattle bankruptworm, hookworm, nodular worm, lungworm, and eyeworm.

Internal parasites in antelope:

  • Controls, and aids in the control of certain nematodes of antelope.
External parasites of cattle and antelope:
  • Control of blue ticks (Boophilus spp.) For the control of blue ticks treatment must be repeated every 21 days
  • Aids in the control of multi-host ticks
  • Kills sucking lice and biting lice. Controls mange mites
  • Controls horn fly (Haematobia spp) for up to 21 days

DIRECTIONS FOR USE – Use only as directed

The dosage is 1 ml per 10 kg body mass. This should be applied with the correct equipment in a narrow band along the midline of the back from the withers to the base of the tail. Do not treat calves under 50 kg. Treat animals according to their live mass. Heavier animals in the group (e.g. mature bulls) should receive an additional 5 ml for each 50 kg over 650 kg.

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