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A water soluble, systemic herbicide with residual activity acting through leaves, roots and cut surfaces of certain woody plants in grazing, conservation areas and on land not used for growing crops. Not suitable for use in gardens.

Active ingredients:

Picloram (pyridine carboxylic acid) (as potassium salt) 240 g/ℓ.


1. Foliar/stem treatment


  • Apply as a complete cover spray to leaves and green shoots of actively growing plants (not exceeding 2 m) with full leaf cover.
  • Wet foliage till point of run-off.
  • Do not apply to foliage that is wet by rain/dew or if rain is expected within 3 hours.
  • Do not exceed spray height of 20 cm above target tree.
  • Do not spray when the wind speed exceeds 15 km/h.
  • The difference between the wet and dry bulb thermometer readings as determined by a whirling hygrometer must not exceed 8 °C
  • Do not apply within the root zone of desirable vegetation.


  • Apply with a knapsack sprayer fitted with a solid cone nozzle (e.g. Spraying Systems TG2 or equivalent).
  • Apply as a coarse spray, avoiding fine droplets.
  • Ensure even coverage of the target area.
  • Apply at a constant pressure of 200 – 250 kPa.
  • Maintain a distance of ± 50 cm from target area.

2. Cut stump treatment

  • Apply immediately or within 10 minutes after felling.
  • Do not apply when the cut stump surface is wet from rain or dew.
  • Apply as a coarse spray using a knapsack with solid cone nozzle (Spraying Systems TG2 or equivalent type).
  • Apply at a constant low pressure of 100 kPa.
  • Limit run-off into the soil from treated stumps if they are located within the root zone of desriable vegetation.

3. Frill method

  • Make horizontal, downward angled cuts through the bark of target trees using an axe.
  • Cuts should be as close to the soil surface as possible and connected around the entire circumference of the trunk.
  • Do not penetrate cuts deeper than the sapwood.
  • Apply product directly into every cut, taking care that product is not unnecessarily wasted
    on the bark.
  • If re-growth occurs from the crown, apply as a foliar spray.
  • Trees with multiple stems – each stem should be treated separately.
  • Make sure that adequate sap flow and bleeding occurs.

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